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Narwal Self-cleaning Mopping Robot
In 2019, Narwal launched the world's first self-cleaning robot mop & vacuum for the home. Shortly after, Narwal got in touch with LEAPX to help in developing the next generation of their already market-leading product.

Following extensive ideation and testing the LEAPX team proposed a number of solutions that redefined the product architecture to enhance the user experience.
In increasingly small living spaces, products that occupy large floorspace can become too obtrusive. With this in mind we focused on minimising the product footprint. By combining the two water tanks and raising them off the ground we also substantially improved the user experience of replenishing water.
The modular design of the water tank means the most appropriate container can be selected for any space. An automatic system requires no user intervention, alternatively the option of different sized water tanks can be matched to the size of the home.

Rapidly iterating on form-factor using the iPad's AR capabilities.

Used water can be emptied from the concealed central container while fresh water is replenished in the surrounding reservoir.

Utilising a stainless steel cleaning tray reduces odor and increases longevity.

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