LeapX is a cross-disciplinary team based in the Silicon Vally of hardware: Shenzhen. By deep understanding and integration of technology and humanities, we define and design revolutionary products that excel in form, function, and experience.

Yumian Deng

After studying mechanical engineering and visual art at Duke University and working at Microsoft, Yumian Deng was recruited back to Shenzhen by DJI founder Frank Wang, to lead the design and development effort of Mavic Pro and Mavic Air, which when launched, changed the consumer drone industry forever with their extreme portability and performance. The Mavic series is widely recogonized as the best in its class by consumers and medias alike, and was selected as the best 25 inventions of 2016 by Time magazine. In August 2018, in order to explore more innovation opportunities in other industries, Yumian Deng founded LeapX Design.