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YOYO Tissue Box
As a studio known for its high-tech product design, LEAPX has designed something extremely simple and low-tech this time: a tissue box, for its fifth anniversary. 

Standing tissue boxes take up less valuable table space.
It is made of ceramics and is heavy enough to stand firmly on the table.

The slightly tilted body offers a more ergonomic angle to get tissues.

A slightly tilted opening prevent the tissues from dropping off from the bottom.

The anti-slip pads on the bottom make the tissue box extra stable.

Replacing the tissue only takes one step.

The tissues will not fall back into the tissue box, which often happens in traditional designs.

Matt finished ceramics offer a canvas for user to create their own version of YOYO.

Design Process
The smooth curves are the result of repeated adjustments and polishing, during handmade ceramics process, CAD building on computer and manufacturing phases in the factory.
Bring it to the market
We are pretty happy with the final result: a simple tissue box that looks nice and works well. As designers we want to focus on the design, so we are looking for a suitable brand to bring this product to market, please contact us if you think YoYo tissue box is a good fit for your brand.
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