Talking Heads Speaker

As a music lover, I have both speakers and headphones on my desk.
 But when the headphones are not in use, leaving them on the table looks messy, 
and a headphone stand takes too much desk space–I want to keep my desk clean and minimal. 
One day it accrued to me: 
why not hang the headphones on the speakers?
It worked great, yet something magical also happened: 
the lifeless speaker suddenly appeared to have a character and personality.
It makes me smile every time I see it.
To think of it, minimalism designs are everywhere, they look really nice, but are also a little boring and emotionless. 
To me, some humor and humanity is a nice little change of pace here.
From this thought, we set out to design this LeapX speaker: 
functional, beautiful, and has a little humanity that makes you smile.


Integrated wireless charging.

color variation

Third party headset support

The speaker stand rises the tweeter to the height of your ears for optimal sound delivery.

Alaxa and google asisstant support.

Thank you

#leapX #leapXdesign
Shenzhen China