Lead Invention and Design by Yumian Deng (LeapX founder, former DJI R&D lead/Product manager), along with DJI internal team. IP belongs to DJI.

Mavic Controller


The design goal of the Mavic controller is similar to the drone: improve its portability without compromising the functionality. The result is striking: its size is only 1/3 of previous controllers yet has all its functions(and more) with even better ergonomics. This is achieved by an innovative folding mechanism that when unfolds, serves both as a handle and phone clamp.


The secret to a comfortable controller is to let it adapt to the shape of a relaxed hand, which is curved. That's why the best controllers in the world (like Xbox and PlayStation controllers) are all curved on the side.
Mavic controller achieves this curvature with its unique folding design, which also serves as a phone clamp that puts the phone's touchscreen right under your thumb for easy access. The weight of the controller is also perfectly balanced to reduce wrist strain.

Smartphone will be clamped right under the joysticks location, which is easy to reach with thumb during operation.

Buttons are positioned where your thumb can reach naturally while flying.

Comparing to the previous controller design, the Mavic controller reduced the size by 2/3 without compromising any features.